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Patricia Wuillemin – Landscape Basel

Interview mit Patricia Wuillemin

1. Does the pandemic situation have an influence on your work?
I think the pandemic situation takes its toll on almost every aspect of our lives. And this in turn has made me more reflective on my artistic process. It has prompted me to take a look at myself as a painter and to take an inventory of things. The usual question of “what” has become more intense; I try to identify what may be distractions or “noise” in my process and what I can do to eliminate these counterproductive intrusions. And in these times, I find myself digging yet deeper to answer the ever-present questions of – what do I want to paint and in what manner do I want execute each painting?

2. In what way do daily, social and economic issues shape your work?
I believe these issues affect everyone and therefore affect everyone’s work – either directly or indirectly. For me, their effect is indirect and I do not view them as “shaping” my work.

3. How do you define your profession as an artist?
My profession as an artist can be explained with brevity: I am a Painter. And at the present time, I foresee no other avenues that I would take in my artistic pursuits. Putting paint to canvas is the key to where and how I derive fulfillment. For me there is no substitute or equivalent for these materials and the endless possibilities they offer. This answer applies to my profession before, during, and most likely, after the pandemic situation has faded.

4. Where do you see the task of art in a social context?
I believe the task is the same as it has always been throughout history: to give something to society i.e., to enrich, to challenge, and to inspire.

5. How important are public reactions for you and your work?
I can best answer this question by saying that public reaction does not play a large role in the actual making of my paintings; but public reaction to the finished pieces is an important by-product. At present however there is no chance for public reaction. But I simply keep on keeping on.

6. What is your personal highlight in this special year 2020?
This question is very easy to answer. I am so very grateful that I am an artist who was already working alone in my atelier when this pandemic fell upon us. The solitary nature of my creative process lends itself nicely to these times where isolation is part of the answer in ridding ourselves of this terrible pandemic. I am so very thankful to have my refuge in these very, very difficult times.

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Landscape Basel, Öl auf MDF, 18 x 24 cm

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